Delivery Information

  • After ordering online, the customer will receive an email confirmation from our website ecommerce site containing order details. Alkasprings will normally confirm receipt of your order within a few hours of ordering.
  • Alkasprings will deliver Products to the Customer’s nominated premises via our in-house delivery service on the delivery day we give you. See FAQ page to see what your suburb delivery day is. However, if goods are unable to be delivered at the premises, Alkasprings will contact the customer to reorganise delivery at a later date.
  • The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the returnable/reusable 15.2 litre bottle are the property of Alkasprings and empty bottles must be left out on the morning of delivery. If no empty bottles are left out we will not give you fresh filled bottles unless prior arrangements have been made with staff. If you haven’t ordered water within 8 weeks we will contact you to collect the empty bottles.  
  • The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Alkasprings may impose minimum delivery quantities for Products.
  • The Customer agrees to provide Alkaspring representative reasonable and safe access to its premises to allow the efficient delivery of Products, and to use its best endeavours to have its empty Bottles available for collection on its scheduled delivery day.
  • Delivery queries can be emailed to / Alkasprings will deliver Products on a regular scheduled delivery cycle based on the Customer’s needs.
  • The customer acknowledges that Alkasprings will only deliver water and products to customers located on the Gold Coast. If you are outside of the Gold Coast please advise Alkasprings before you place any online order.
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