Alkasprings premium spring water is sustainable and responsibly sourced form a certified spring supply in the subtropical hinterlands of the Scenic Rim Shire. The premium spring water is then transferred to our bottling facility where it’s lightly purified through our unique propriety system which includes the removal of any undesirables, acidic ions, double ultra violet light, structured and lightly polished off with natural organic coconut carbon from nature. Absolutely nothing is added to our water, no chemicals no preservatives or ozone treatment like other spring water companies use to sterilise their water. Nature has given us a perfectly balanced medium amount of minerals, electrolytes and trace elements that give Alkaspring’s it’s signature light smooth and delicately sweet refreshing taste.

Mineral analysis ( mg/l )

pH9.0 ( 8.6-9.2 Range )
Total dissolved solids130 – 170  mg/l
  • Nothing added, no chemicals, preservatives or additives.
  • All elements in our water are well within the safe limits of the Australian drinking water guidelines.
  • As the source is spring water, slight seasonal variances may occur.
  • The pH values and mineral analysis shown were analysed by the City of Gold Coast Laboratories.

For more information about our water, please [CLICK HERE]

Spring water is a natural product that is created by nature over many years. It gets it mineral composition naturally from the geology of the earth in the surrounding area of the spring. It is minimally treated/filtered and generally doesn’t contain the commonly found chemicals that are added such as chlorine, industrial fluoride and many other chemical that can be found in tap water. Depending on the types of mineral elements in the spring water it generally tastes lighter fresher and has a more natural finishing taste. The mineral content is measured in ppm TDS which is parts per million and total dissolved solids (minerals). Spring water generally has a TDS range of 60-240. Alkasprings is about 160 TDS which is a medium blend of natural minerals.

Reverse osmosis alkaline water is generally tap water that is heavily filtered. It removes about 95%-99.9% of everything that is in the water, including minerals. The very pure water then gets small amounts of calcium magnesium and potassium added to raise the pH of the water. These types of water generally have a ppm TDS range of 10-50 which is considered very low in minerals.




Online ordering  is the fastest way:

  • Start on the Water delivery page where the product are listed.
  • First add three or more bottles of water, then click the add to cart button
  • If you are a new customer you must add the $30 refundable bottle deposit to your order.
  • If you live in an Apartment, secure complex or gated house, please ensure you call us before you place an order to insure we have access to deliver your products.
  • If you need a water cooler or bottle dispenser click on the one you like, then add to cart
  • Once you have everything you require, click go to cart and view your products.
  • You can add or remove products here also.
  • Once you are happy with what’s in your cart, click proceed to checkout.
  • Fill out your payment and delivery details and click process
  • Your order is now complete and you will receive an email receipt
  • Depending on when you ordered, you should have your products in 1-5 business days.
  • You will receive a text message the day/night before your deliver day to remind you.

Order by phone:

  • Phone 1300 373 777 or 0472 604 454
  • Please have your order ready along with your credit card details.
  • Free weekly, fortnightly, monthly delivery to your home and workplace ( Gold Coast only)
  • Free delivery and set up of your water cooler ( Gold Coast only )

We deliver everywhere on the Gold Coast from Yatala to the NSW border and out to Lower Beechmont.

  • Free weekly, fortnightly, triweekly and monthly delivery (Gold Coast only)
  • Place your order at lease one day before your delivery day to ensure delivery.
  • Please leave your empty bottles out before 8am on the morning of your delivery day.

Tuesday – Northern suburbs

Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay, Coombabah, Helensvale, Hollywell, Paradise Point, Hope Island, Coomera, Upper Coomera, Coomera Waters, Oxenford, Wongawallen, Cedar Creek, Willow Vale, Kingsholme, Ormeau, Luscombe, Pimpama, Jacobs Well, Norwell, Steiglitz, Woongoolba, Gilberton, Alberton, Stapylton.

Wednesday – Central  suburbs

Labrador, Arundel, Pacific Pines, Maudsland, Guanaba, Mount Nathan, Clagiraba, Nerang, Highland Park, Parkwood, Molendinar, Southport, Main Beach, Ashmore, Benowa, Bundall, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Broadbeach Waters, Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Clear Island Waters, Carrara, Robina, Merrimac, Worongary, Tallai, Mudgeeraba, Gilston, Advancetown, Lower Beechmont.

Thursday – Southern suburbs

Miami, Varsity Lakes, Burleigh Waters, Burleigh Heads, West Burleigh, Palm Beach, Currumbin, Currumbin Waters, Currumbin Valley, Tugun, Bilinga Coolangatta, Elanora, Tallebudgera, Tallebudgera Valley, Bonogin, Austinville, Springbrook, Numinbah valley.

If your suburb is not listed, please call us before you order.

Yes, they are BPA chemical free. They are high quality Australian made and hold 15.2 litres. They are reusable/returnable and especially designed to keep the water fresh and safe.  These bottles play a highly valuable part of our sustainable and circular economy.

Empty water bottles are collected at each delivery and are brought back to our facility where they undergo an advanced 6 stage process of washing, sanitising and double rinsing of fresh water before being inspected and refilled with premium alkaline spring water. 

We ask that you look after our bottles so we can get the most out of them before they get recycled.

  • Please keep them out of direct sunlight
  • Don’t leave them in a hot car
  • Leave the cap on at all times
  • Don’t put anything in them
  • Don’t slide or drop them as they will get damaged
  • If bottles are lost or damaged, you’ll forfeit your deposit

Where do we start, this beauty is awesome and is the first of its kind in Australia.
Its designed and built in Australia with the highest quality components for reliability and performance. It dispenses Alkasprings water with the tap of a credit card or mobile phone.

Location: Helensvale
Open: 24/7
Water types: Premium Alkaline spring water and premium spring water options.

  • Bring your own clean bottle or purchase one off us online and get $24 water credit
  • Self-serve 24/7 premium spring water refill station
  • Two different types of spring water 8.6 – 9.2 pH and 6.6 – 7.5 pH
  • Payment system accepts, credit card, apple pay, samsung pay, and more ( no card fees )
  • Simple to operate – tap credit card or phone, select size, optional rinse and then press fill
  • Free bottle rinse with activate oxygen for sanitation

Visit “Refill Station page” for more information

Yes, of course you can uses your own bottles at out self-serve refill station. Just ensure your bottles are clean. We have a bottles rinse at the refill station, but this will just rinse your bottle, not clean it. We recommend that you clean your bottle with white vinegar every 4-6 weeks.

Your bottle needs be cleaned regularly with white vinegar, dish detergent or bicarbonate soda.

We recommend using white vinegar to clean your bottle. Add about 1-2 litres of white vinegar to your bottle. Place lid on and then shake bottle ensuring all areas of the bottle have contact with the vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes before running some vinegar out the tap if you have a tap on your bottle.  Than tip the vinegar out and rinse with clean water several time to remove vinegar smell. A bottle brush may be required if excessively dirty, which can be purchased from some hardware/grocery stores.


  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Don’t keep bottles in a hot vehicle
  • Keep lid on when not using or a cup over the opening when in use
  • Keep away from young children, as they like putting things in them
  • Don’t drop or slide your bottle on ground

Yes, they come with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

Proof of purchase and date is required for warranty, so please keep a copy of your receipt. Receipt can be downloaded after you purchase a bottle from us online.

The warranty does not cover damage to the bottle, excessively used bottles or misused bottles. If you drop them they may crack voiding warranty.

Bottle must be returned to Alkasprings for warranty claim.

Tip: Keep out of reach or young children as they often do things to them that can cause damage.

That clean sterile smell is the natural activated oxygen ( O3, Ozone ) that ensures you’re your bottle gets sanitised naturally and safely. So when you place your bottle inside and press the rinse button a small amount of activated oxygen is released into your bottle with the spring water. This will sanitise your bottle as well as rinsing it. No activated oxygen is released when you bottle is being filled, just while rinsing.

O3 is three molecules of oxygen and is commonly used as a safe natural alternative to harsh toxic cleaning chemical. O3 is used to safely and naturally disinfect things such as: commercial kitchens, wine barrels, food processing areas and much more.

The office or home water cooler must be kept out of direct sunlight and in a place where it does not get hot. Direct sunlight and heat can encourage algae growth particularly in the hotter months. If this is not possible, you should cover the bottle with a thick towel to block the sun from the water cooler. Fitted bottles covers can be purchased from us via special order. Please contact us to organise.

A quality water cooler for your workplace or home is an ideal way to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Alkasprings has a wide range of premium quality water coolers for every situation.

Rent                                                                or                     Buy

$120 per year (cold & room temp)                                 $350 inc GST

$140 per year (hot & cold temp)                                    $380 inc GST

$190 per year (Touchless – hot, cold & room)             $485 inc GST

What you’ll get with rental:                                             What you get when you buy:

+Free delivery and set up                                                 +Free delivery and set up

+Free regular maintenance                                              +3 year comprehensive warranty

+Replacement cooler if it breaks down                         +DIY sanitation and cleaning kit

+One full clean and sterilisation per year

+DIY sanitation and cleaning kit

 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on all our water coolers and products

See Products Page and Terms and Conditions for more information

It is very important to clean and sanitise your water cooler to ensure that you have the best tasting safe water with each and every glass. Hospital grade sanitation kits are available from Alkasprings and can be delivered with your next order.

It is recommended that you clean your cooler every 3-6 months and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

  1. Ensure the power supply to the cooler is off before cleaning.
  2. Do not use bleach or any other cleaning solutions as they can damage the cooler.
  3. Remove your empty bottle and ensure that any remaining water is drained from the unit through both taps.
  4. Start by removing the cooler spike: turn the spike and collar anticlockwise until you feel the latch release. Lift the spike and collar, and then remove the reservoir plastic seal.
  5. The spike and collar can be washed in your kitchen sink with general dish liquid and water. Soak for a few minutes before rinsing with fresh water and drying with a clean towel.
  6. To effectively clean your cooler reservoir, create a solution of 30 ml of our special formulated antibacterial hospital grade solution with 3 litres of fresh water. Pour this into the reservoir until it’s full and allow it to stand for 10 minutes. AThen drain enough of the solution so you can clean the reservoir with a non-abrasive cleaning sponge. If your wondering about the safety of the solution, don’t as it’s formulated to be safe, gentle on the skin and is dermatologically tested and fragrance free.
  7. Now is a good time start cleaning the exterior of the unit while you wait for the reservoir. These surfaces can be cleaned with a clean non-abrasive sponge and a mild household detergent with fresh water. Ensure the entire unit is wiped over including the taps.
  8. Now that 10 minutes has passed it time to drain all of the solution through both taps, to ensure the taps are also sanitised.
  9. Use clean tap water to refill the reservoir to rinse the unit and then drain through both taps. One rinse is enough as the solution is safe and food grade.
  10. Then once clean, dry the exterior with a soft cloth.

Place the plastic seal back into position and lock the spike and collar back into position turning them clockwise to lock the latches. Plug in the unit and place a new bottle of Alkasprings onto the cooler, then allow at least 10-15 minutes for the unit to bring your water to the correct temperature.


Before placing a new bottle onto your water cooler give the gold cap a wipe with a clean damp cloth or paper towel to remove any dust that has landed on your bottle. Why? Because this section of the cap sits in your fresh spring water.

It is very important to clean and sanitise your ceramic dispenser to ensure that you have the best tasting safe clean water. Users must be mindful that possible contamination and bacteria that can come from any still water in any container that is subject to differing temperatures, handling practices, and airborne dust and fungal spores. Mould and mildew can grow even in the ceramic well if they are not maintained properly. This can not only effect the taste of the water but be potentially harmful to your family.

  1. We recommend that you clean your ceramic well every 3 months. Tip out all the remaining water in the ceramic well and remove the tap by holding the nut inside the well and turn the tap anticlockwise until its completely removed.
  2. Carefully place your well, spike, tap and nut in the kitchen sink or laundry tub. Fill the sink or tub with very warm to hot water along with general dish liquid. Do not use bleach, as it contains chlorine. Let it sit for 10minutes, and then wipe inside and out with non-abrasive sponge.
  3. Thoroughly rinse everything with fresh water and dry with clean non linting cloth/towel.
  4. Assemble the tap by screwing the tap back in by turning the tap clockwise until its firm. Ensure the silicone washer is on the outside of the well. Place the spike back on and a new bottle of Alkasprings.

This will ensure you have a clean safe water supply for your family all year round.


Before placing a new bottle onto your ceramic well, give the cap and neck of the bottle a wipe with a clean wet cloth to remove any dust that has landed on your bottle. Why? Because this section of the bottle sits in your fresh spring water.
Get someone to hold the ceramic well while you place a new bottle on to prevent it from moving.

It’s very important to clean and sanitise your smart pump to ensure that you have the best tasting safe clean water for your family. Users must be mindful that possible contamination and bacteria that can come from any still water in any container exposed to air, due to differing temperatures, handling practices, and airborne dust and fungal spores.

We recommend that you clean your smart pump every 3 months.

DON’T submerge the smart pump in water as this will destroy your pump.

  1. Remove the silicone tube from the pump and soak the silicone tube only in your sink with warm water with a mild dish liquid. Allow about 10 minutes for the tube to soak.
  2. While the tube is soaking, now is a good time to wipe you’re smart pump over with a damp cloth to remove any dust, grime or residue.
  3. Insert the silicone tube back into the pump and suck up some of the warm ( not hot ) soapy water from your sink through the pump. This will sanitise the inside of your pump.
  4. Remove the silicone tube again and place tube into fresh clean water and soak for 1 minute.
  5. Now place the silicone tube back onto the pump and suck up some fresh water through the pump to rinse the pump inside.
  6. Its now ready to be place onto a new bottle of Alkasprings.

This will ensure you have a clean safe water supply for your family all year round.

Tip: The easiest way to get the silicone tube through the gold cap is by using the back of a butter knife to punch a hole into the gold cap so the silicone tube can be pushed through so your pump will sit snug onto the cap.

Alkasprings water coolers, ceramic wells and smart pumps all come with comprehensive 2 year warranty. All other products, including our 15.2 litre reusable bottles come with a 12 month warranty.

To make a warranty claim on a product, you will need notify us via email or phone and then return the product to Alkasprings with receipt of purchase. Please note: The warranty provides comprehensive parts and labour coverage. It does not include a damaged or a inappropriate used product. It does not include a replacement product while your product is undergoing repairs. ( please see Terms and Conditions for more info )

Yes, all of our products including our spring water come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your product or water, we will give your money back. All you need to do is notify us within 7 days of your purchase and return the product to us with your receipt. We will then process the money back into your account. Alternatively we can get you a new product of the same value. Please note: Damaged products after delivery and excessively used products will not be eligible for money back guarantee.

You can purchase 15.2 litre BPA free reusable bottles from here online. Simply visit the Shop Page and scroll down through the product until you get to the 15.2 litre empty bottles. Add to cart and check out. The empty bottle comes with a $24 prepaid water card to use at our refill station and a reusable silicon cap. It also includes free deliver to you on the Gold Coast.

Yes, when you buy a 15.2 litre empty bottle with or without tap, you will receive a $24 prepaid card to use at our spring water refill station. You will also get free gold coast delivery of your bottle (Gold Coast only).

The prepaid card can only be used at Alkasprings self-serve refill station. The card is designed to get 2 x Large refills (use a 15.2 litre bottle for the Large refills).  The card is not redeemable for cash and cannot be recharged. Please place used cards in the recycling bin provided at the refill station. The credit on the card may not be fully utilised depending upon your choice of fill sizes. Any unused remaining credit that is not enough to purchase a fill size at our refill station will be forfeited. Unused remaining credit that is less than $5.00 will not be able to be utilised. Split payments with the prepaid card and credit card are not possible. Please uses this card to get 2 x Large refills.

See back of card for more details.

Yep, you sure do get rewarded as a big thank you from us.

So how it works: When you a customer of Alkasprings refers a friend to us and they become a customer also, you will get 3 x 15.2 litre bottles of Alkasprings Free. Your friend will have to call, email or text us and let us know that they were referred by you, before or during their first order. It can also be mentioned in the additional notes section when they place their first online order. Note: this offer is not available for self-serve refill station customers. Customers must also reside on the Gold Coast.

From the spring source right through to delivery, our focus is on delivering an exceptionally high quality spring water and great customer service.

Alkasprings employs stringent handling of our spring water from how it’s lightly filtered, our double ultraviolet light, how our bottles are cleaned, how the they are filled, capped and delivered.

Some of our quality control measures include:

  • Double ultraviolet light
  • Our advanced 6 stage bottle washing, sanitising and double fresh water rinsing before the bottles are inspected and then filled.
  • Automatic filling and capping
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, 3, 6 and 12 monthly inhouse and Gold Coast City Council laboratory water testing. We also have regular independent audits done on our facility including the Gold Coast City Council.
  • Our bottle are delivered in closed in vehicle to protect the bottles from sunlight, dust, fumes and pollution while in transit.

With every new Alkasprings customer, one native tree gets planted for you, on our behalf. This is our way of saying thank you to you, and to mother nature.

This tree planting project is based in Yarra Yarra, Western Australia and is a 200km green corridor from the inland to the coast. Plant-a-Tree grows critical habitat for native wildlife on historically cleared land in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot. This program that we are supporting is restoring the native tree landscape that reconnects habitats by linking small patched of remaining vegetation together to create a massive corridor. Its not only helping the native wildlife repopulate but also absorbing carbon.

We purchase this trees through Carbon Neutral https://carbonneutral.com.au/

A stepping stone for us to make a positive impact on the environment.

Alkasprings is 100% committed to protecting the environment and creating a circular sustainable, reusable and recyclable economy. From the sourcing of our premium spring water from a sustainable renewable source, designing our products to be as efficient as possible, our self-serve refill station and continually striving to improve our carbon foot print. We are working toward a carbon neutral company.

Some of our sustainable and ecofriendly initiatives :

  • Reusable, returnable 15.2 litre BPA chemical free bottles which are also recyclable
  • Fully recyclable bottle caps, that get turned back in new plastic products
  • Low fuel consumption delivery vehicles
  • Plant-a-Tree program. Every new customer means one more native tree in Australia
  • Australia’s first custom designed silicone reusable cap for industry standard 10, 15 and 19 litre reusable bottles.
  • Self-serve Australian made spring water refill station which has the capability of refilling 260,000  15.2 litre bottles in one year. Which would save an incredible 4 million one litre single use plastic bottles from being produced each year.
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