15.2 litres of Alkasprings water (returnable bottle)

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NOTES 1: NEW CUSTOMERS that live in apartment building or gated complexes. Please call us to discuss delivery arrangements before you order.

2. 15.2 litres Returnable bottles are owned by Alkasprings and are only permitted for use with our delivery service. 8 weeks is the maximum time you can hold our bottles.

  • Free Delivery – Weekly, fortnightly, tri weekly & monthly (Gold Coast & Tweed Region Only).
  • Minimum of 3 bottles required per order
  • Bottles are the property of Alkasprings and are collected, washed, sanitised and refilled
  • Misplaced, lost, damaged or non returned bottles will incur a $10 fee per bottle
  • Australian made BPA free bottle (reusable/returnable)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – money back

IMPORTANT NOTE: The reusable/ returnable 15.2 L bottles remain the property of Alkasprings and are for exclusive only use for our delivery service. They are not permitted to be used at the refill station or anything else. Bottles will be picked up from you if you haven’t placed an order in 6-8 weeks. ( If you require a reusable bottle to use at the refill station, please purchase an empty reusable bottle from this online store, which comes with $24 water credit and free delivery ).

Additional Information

  • Keep bottles out of sunlight.
  • Store in cool dry place
  • Do not drop or drag bottles
  • Do not put anything in the bottle
  • Keep lid on the bottle at all times
  • Place empty bottles out before 7am on your delivery day
  • Misplaced, lost or damaged bottles will incur a $10 fee per bottle
  • Your empty bottles will be picked up by us if you haven’t ordered water in 6-8 weeks
  • If you don’t require further water delivery, please contact us to pick up the empty bottles.

Restore your natural pH balance with Mother Natures Finest spring water.

Gold Coast’s & Tweeds first and only high alkaline spring water delivery service.



15.2 litres of Alkasprings spring water in our returnable/reusable bottles. Free weekly, fortnightly, triweekly and monthly delivery Gold Coast and Tweed Region. Minimum of 3 bottles required. Empty bottles must be placed out on the morning of your delivery and we will exchange them for full bottles of water. Our water is Alkaline water 8.6-9.2 pH, full of naturally occurring minerals, electrolytes and essential trace elements from Mother Nature. Experience the unique benefits of Alkasprings, premium alkaline spring water today.

Order and delivery instructions

Important order and delivery instructions: 

  • Please place your online order at least one day before your delivery day.  
  • Empty bottles must be left out before 8am the morning of your delivery. 
  • Empty bottle should be kept in a safe place out of direct sunlight. 
  • We provide a contactless service. 
  • For apartments and houses with secured access, please make arrangements with our team to setup delivery notes for our drivers before your first delivery. Note: Our delivery drivers are not permitted to enter apartment buildings.

Care instructions

Important Care instructions for our returnable 15.2 litre bottles 

  • The empty bottles are returned to Alkasprings and each delivery we take note of the quantity returned, to ensure we don’t lose any of our precious reusable bottles. 
  • The number of empties should match the number of full bottles delivered. 
  • We are not able to use other companies bottles as they are their property.  
  • After consuming the spring water, please so not put anything inside the bottle or use them for anything else and please ensure the cap is left on at all times.  
  • When leaving the empty bottles out for exchange/pick up, please keep them out of direct sunlight, away from heat and please do not slide or drag them along the ground as this will damage to the bottom of the bottles.  
  • If you’ve accidentally damaged or lost a bottle there is a replacement fee of $10 per bottle    (this helps us to replace the bottle). 
  • If you  are no longer using our service, we do pick up the bottles free of charge ( please email sales@alkasprings.au , or text  0472 604 454. 
  • Empty 15.2 litre reusable BPA Free bottle
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