Reusable silicone cap for water cooler & well dispenser

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DIY Refill station silicone reusable cap designed to fit on your 15.2 litre bottle and place onto a water cooler or ceramic well spike dispenser.

NOTE: This reusable cap is not required for home/office delivery service 15.2 L bottles as the delivered bottles come with gold BPA free cap designed for water coolers and ceramic wells dispensers.

This cap is ideal for those who refill at the Burleigh refill station and use a water cooler or ceramic well. They are heavy duty food grade silicone reusable caps that will last forever and are very easy to wash.


Silicone reusable water bottle cap designed for use with spike to water coolers and ceramic wells. Just place cap onto your bottle and then place onto your water cooler or well.

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